Lifechurch Tauranga - Our Apostolic Mandate

We are the children of the living God
growing in the knowledge of Jesus Christ.
We stand in Christ in Heavenly Places
and we make declarations of things to come.
We release the Spirit of God
over our Homes, our Schools, our work places and our communities.

We declare that the Spirit of the Lord is upon us.
God has anointed us to bring good news to the poor,
To heal the broken hearted,
To bring freedown to captives, and
To announce the time of God's favour.

Today we are declaring:
Heaven Open, Earth Invaded
Storehouses unlocked and miracles created.
Dream and visions, angelic visitations,
Anointings, giftings and divine manifestations.

Today we release:
Position and promotions, provisions and resources,
Healing and deliverance, favour and abundance.

Our mandate is 'To go to the nations'
Touching souls and more souls from every generation.
Saved and set free, healed and delivered,
Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven!

Thank you Father, that as we join our value system to Yours,
You shower FAVOUR, BLESSING, and INCREASE upon us
so that we have more than enough to co-labour with Heaven
to see Jesus get His full reward!


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